... who lives in a utopian society of people called pranans. The matriarchal society on Ettan's home planet of Vareenya is millions of years old. This species of cat-like aliens can live for thousands of years by eating free-range tree bark, and leading positive lives. They don't really age (like elves). Their six base pairs of DNA provide them with advanced cellular abilities, allowing them to dominate the more common species with simpler genetics. They are a force of good in their galaxy, however, in some areas it still sucks for inhabited life. 

Vareenya used to be in a bad neighborhood. Their former solar system had the advantage of being near other pranan planets and systems, but it was also near primitive species. Hairless monkeyoids, reptilian jackyats, and others, made war and fear a constant drumbeat in daily life. Pranans and other advanced species try to steer clear of these dangerous primate and reptilian dominated planets. But it's not that simple. 200 years ago, pranans on Vareenya found themselves always policing nearby solar systems to prevent violence. Sending military force into areas where the locals didn't welcome them had a negative backlash on the pranans peaceful way of life. 

The people of Vareenya grew sick of this, and found another solar system far away in the galaxy. The new home was in an area inhabited by a peaceful species called ahmenors. The pranans asked the ahmenors for help, and together they teleported Vareenya into a new orbit, around a new sun. Ancient sequoia trees native to Vareenya, that are symbiotic with pranans, helped guide this planetary move. They made sure the planet's orbital speed and spin around it's new sun matched the previous one.

The move was successful, there has been peace for 200 years. An entire generation was raised without conflict. Then a prophecy came to be: a mystical boy named Ettan was first born to the rising high priestess, whom was first daughter of current high priestess, who was also first born to her mystical mother. It is said he is the one who will return to the other pranan tribes, and help return their solar systems to peace.

Ettan was different from conception. Most souls don't enter their body until they are 1/3 of the way through the pregnancy, just to make sure the fetus is healthy and one they want to keep. But Ettan came a month early, and he came with a family of ahmenors to make sure that his soul made it to the correct mother.

As odd as having aliens bring a soul to put into a women's womb is, it was almost normal compared to the entity that the ahmenors brought with them. This is Ettan's friend Yinyin, they said. Yinyin didn't have a body, and didn't want one. He willed himself into existence and appeared as shimmering sphere in front of Ettan's new family. He had come to protect Ettan, so he said telepathically. And that is how the future demigod Boylord was born: into the house of famous priestesses, surrounded by aliens capable of travelling at the speed of thought, with a cute little bubble of liquid energy named Yinyin.